Whole Nut Blancher

whole peanut blancher

Combined Three Units with Capacity 600kg/hr

whole nut blancher

Combined Two Units with Capacity 400kg/hr

whole nut blancher

Combined One Units with Capacity 200kg/hr

The buff blancher is designed to blanch whole kernels. It is the advanced equipment used for removing redskins from roasted peanut kernels. It features compact structure, stable operation and low noise. After being put into charging spout, the peanut automatically enter into blanching room composed of two friction rollers, the red skin are removed and sucked by air fan.

Technical data of Whole Nut Blancher:
Rated voltage: 380V+/-10V
Frequency: 50Hz
Type of the belt: A type 560 A type 480
Blanching ratio:>90%
Crushing rate: <10%
The capacity of one unit is 200kg/hr. Also can be enlarged by combined several units.

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