Peanut Grinder

Peanut Blancher is a kind of blanching machine that removes skins from shelled peanuts. The peanut blanching plants usually match cyclones (to collect the dust), picking belt (by hand), sieving machine (vibrating type), packaging machine composed of the complete line for peanut blanching.

The working flow is mostly like as the following: starts machine and pours peanuts into machine hopper. Inspects peanuts as they fall from machine onto moving belt and picks out foreign matter, unblanched peanuts, and peanuts that fail to meet production specifications. May sack blanched peanuts [PACKAGER, HAND (any industry) ]. May tend sorting machine that electronically locates and removes unblanched peanuts.

The peanut blancher is used to process roasted peanuts. When you have to remove redskins from roasted peanuts, the Newtech Blancher system has two separate and distinct machines to help you efficiently do your job.

Peanut Powder Grinder

peanut powder grinder

Peanut Butter Grinder

peanut butter grinder

The split nut blancher, is designed to blanch splits and to split and blanch whole kernels. The type peanut blancher is mostly used when making peanut butter. The blanching rollers is rubber coated. After red skin are removed and sucked by air fan, the peanut kernels will be separated in half piece, the bitter germ will be sieving out by the bottom vibrating separator.

Technical data of Split Nut Blancher:
Capacity: 800-1000kg/hr
Power: 4.5kw/380v/50hz
Blanching ratio: 95%
Half peanut ratio: 98%
Size: 3850*1200*2400mm
Weight: 850kg

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